One thing that I see a lot of are creators looking for other creators to work with on their various projects. Over the years, I’ve managed to connect with a number of talented people across the industry. I wanted to put that knowledge to use by helping to connect creators with one another for upcoming projects.

This service is limited to paid opportunities. I am not going to assist with creators exploiting artists for free.

Here are a few things that I can help you with in terms of pairings. I can help you find:

  • An artist that fits with the genre of your project
  • Inkers, colourists, and letterers for your books
  • Writers or co-writers to develop stories and/or script
  • Editors to look over your scripts or act as project managers
  • Social media managers and assistants
  • Comic book lawyer and consultants

If you’d like, I can facilitate an introduction or simply provide you with some names of folks to reach out to.

I will do my best to pair people up for paid projects but please note that I am not responsible for payments and anything beyond the introduction. Please be smart about the creators you work with. Ask questions, get things in writing, and make sure that you communicate with each other before beginning work on anything.

Who Am I?

My name is Stephanie Cooke and I’ve been working in the comic book industry for several years now in a number of different capacities. I’m primarily a comic book writer and editor, but I’ve also worked as a podcaster and critic as well. I founded websites like Creator Resource and Rogues Portal.

Why Are You Doing This?

I want to give back to a community that I love. It can be extremely toxic and discouraging at times, but I really believe in the potential of what the comics industry can become. I want to help steer that ship towards progress, inclusivity, transparency, and to just generally be better.

By helping creators out like this, I’m hoping to bring people together who will go forward and make great comics.